How can a drone help you in your work?

Are you puzzled about what a drone is for and how it can be used for work? Mostly quadrocopters are bought for professional video shooting. What other applications are there for this technique? This iPerfect article aims to understand this and help you make a choice.

Wedding photography

There is severe competition among wedding photographers and videographers. It is necessary not only to make high-quality materials, but also to add your own zest. To stand out, perhaps you just need to change the angle. Few people can boast of wedding photos from above. For these purposes, it is better to consider professional drones.

Advertising shooting

Need to present a product or service in a new way? Take a look at the video or promotional poster process from top to bottom. Remote mini drones with cameras are perfect for filming real estate and construction videos. For these purposes, drones with a 4K camera are ideal.

It is also possible to use a drone for aerial advertising, so that your flag flutters in the sky or an advertising banner hangs from the drone. It’s a great idea to advertise your business!

Drones for geodesy

A quadcopter for geodesy is useful if you need to create a map or measure the distances of the earth. You need to set GPS points on the map on a smartphone or tablet, and the drone will fly over them, so you can calculate the distance up to 1 km.

Drones for journalists

Aerial footage is an indispensable tool for a news crew, for example, lifenews teams. With the help of remote mini drones, you can capture amazing and spectacular footage and even immediately broadcast it live. In addition to spectacular shots, drones increase the safety for the film crew, because shooting can be done at a distance of several hundred meters or even kilometers.

As you can see, drones have many uses. Just decide for what purpose you need a drone, and visit our online store — we will be happy to help you make your choice!

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